20 February 2023
23 February 2023

The Centenary of RC Celta will offer a flood of events, proposals and initiatives aimed at Celtic and citizenship, who were direct participants in the development of a spectacular calendar of activities to commemorate these 100 years of life of the club.


In the first 50 days of the year, the fans already know, from the hand of the prestigious artist Xosé Vizoso, the brand and the poster of the Centenary. They greeted the year 2023 in Abanca Balaídos in the match against Villarreal with the performances of Keltoi! and Miguel Costas, a massive welcome to the team, the Centenary bells, the distribution of commemorative scarves to the youngest season ticket holders and the display in the Grada de Río of a large tifo in homage to the sky-blue legends.


An ambitious food collection campaign, ‘100 Anos – 100 Toneladas’, was launched in collaboration with the Food Bank of Vigo, which still has several more pages to write, and recently, due to its great success, the exhibition ‘100 Anos de RC Celta. Football and Art’, inaugurated at the end of January at the Museo do Mar.

Just a few days ago, the club announced that Pope Francis will offer RC Celta a private reception at the Vatican on 10 July, which will also be attended by Celta season ticket holders.


The club continues to work with the utmost commitment in the development of activities in the sporting, social and cultural fields, among others, to offer Celtic and citizens a celebration at the height of a unique event such as the Centenary.


In the heart of the city


The Centenary is in the heart of the city with a large banner placed around the Urzáiz lamp post to remind all citizens that this is a very special year for Vigo and for Celtic football. In addition, hundreds of posters with the centenary events have been placed all over the city.


The history channel with more followers


One of the actions that will be launched at a special moment, with six months to go and at 7.23 p.m., is simply spectacular. Academia Play, the history channel in Spanish with more followers in Youtube, will share with its 3 million subscribers the history of RC Celta in a wonderful video that will be released very soon.


The best 11 since 1923


The Celtic fans were able to choose the best 11 in history in an initiative that was launched in the last few days with the collaboration of Estrella Galicia and which allowed the Celtic fans to choose the best Celtic line-up since the foundation of the club. In the next few days, Estrella Galicia will launch a very special action.


Youth team reunion


The RC Celta youth academy, which will play an important role in the Centenary, will experience the reunion of our youth generations. Starting in 2023, every year there will be an emotional reunion of the youth team from 23 years ago to learn first-hand about the experiences of those players.


Talks in Uvigo


The Faculty of Communication of Uvigo will hold a special edition of the Ertek Talks next March. Communication, marketing, finances… a series of ‘masterclasses’ with club managers, sponsors, collaborators, etc.


Football Hall Conferences


Throughout 2023, A Sede del RC Celta, and other scenarios, will host a special edition of the talks ‘Fútbol de Salón’. Leading football figures will pass through emblematic places such as the Salón Regio to share their experiences, stories and knowledge with the attendees.


Genuine League Final Phases


From the 14th to the 16th of April, A Madroa will be the venue for the most beloved competition for Celtic fans. On the occasion of the Centenary, the light blue sports facilities will host one of the final phases of the Genuine League. The Celta Integra team will be able to share all of their Afouteza with the Celtic fans.


Centenary Invasion


There will also be an activity for the whole family, ‘Invasión Centenario’. The usual popular race of the Celta de Vigo Foundation will offer a special edition commemorating the 100 years of life of the club.


Museum and Tour


In spring, one of the ‘star’ projects of this 2023 will see the light: the Centenary Museum and Tour. A journey through the Celtic history, legends, anecdotes, special moments… A space to know and enjoy the first 100 years of life of RC Celta and also a unique opportunity to access the most exclusive corners of the Abanca Balaídos stadium.


Great Casablanca Choir Concert


Music will also be very present in this 2023. One of the first big events will be the ‘Great Concert of the Centenary’ of the Casablanca Choir, which will take place on 9 May at the Afundación Theatre in Vigo. It will be an event where the choir will present a special repertoire for the occasion, with several surprises in an unforgettable concert.


The hymm


The Centenary Anthem, one of the initiatives that has created the greatest expectation, will also be released in the spring. For the moment, the club can only say that talented Celtic players are involved in this project with great enthusiasm.


Much more music


The ‘Centenary Concerts’ will also be held. During the summer, the club will bring together bands and artists of all styles and genres, national and international, but with special emphasis on those linked to Celtic, the fans, Vigo and Galicia.


The Centenary takes to the streets


With the arrival of the good weather, Vigo will be dressed in light blue to celebrate the Centenary. In the month of June, the streets of the city will be decorated as never before as a previous step to the big event on August 23rd. RC Celta will take its Centenary to avenues, streets and special locations.


Galician Championship Finals


With the end of the season there will be two very special events organised by the Galician Football Federation: the finals of the Galician youth football championships and the final of the Centenary Tournament of amateur football.


UEFA Regions Cup


On the occasion of the Centenary, RC Celta will host the Grand Final of the UEFA Regions’ Cup, a tournament whose final phase is being held in Spain for the first time since its creation in 1999 and in which Galicia is taking part.


Afouteza Sports City


The Cidade Deportiva Afouteza will also host several Centenary events: visits from local groups, tree planting, talks and other activities.


The T-shirt


Another of the most awaited initiatives will be the Centenary T-shirt. It will be unveiled at the end of the season, although before that the official RC Celta shops will have collections and limited editions related to the club’s history.




In the thread of special pieces and collectibles, the NFT of the Centenary cannot be left aside. There will be a special edition that will become an eternal memory of this great celebration. It will also offer various benefits related to the Centenary activities.


Publications and podcast


Also during the summer three very special initiatives will see the light to put in value this century of life of RC Celta: the Official Book of the Centenary will be a great collector’s item for all the celtismo. In addition, the club will launch the publication ‘100 Anos de Afouteza e Corazón’ where different personalities from the world of arts, sport, journalism, etc. will tell in first person their most special Celtic memories.


In the Centenary podcast, the 100 years of sky blue history will be told in a very special way. There will be six exciting chapters that will leave no one indifferent.


Match of legends


Of course, the RC Celta Centenary is all about football. In the summer, the long-awaited match of legends will take place. The club is working on this great event in which many of the most beloved and emblematic players will once again wear the light blue shirt.


More surprises


There will be even more activities and surprises that RC Celta will be revealing as the months of this unforgettable Centenary year go by.