22 November 2022

The RC Celta presented this afternoon the Centenary of the club in an emotional act celebrated in the Salón Regio of A Sede under the baton of the actor, and recognized celtista, Carlos Blanco, master of ceremonies in a very special event in which the celtismo was fully represented, the great protagonist of this unrepeatable anniversary and active participant of the planned activities.

Among the attendees were relatives of Manuel de Castro ‘Hándicap’, Manolo, ‘o gran capitán’, Alicia Barreiro, season ticket holder number 1 of the club and representatives of the peñas, modest football of Vigo, sponsors, collaborators and season ticket holders of the celestial entity, among others.

The presentation of this great event for the celtismo began with the projection of a video that summarized the historical milestones of RC Celta and that gave way to the launching of one of the symbols of the Centenary, the official poster, work of the prestigious Galician designer Xosé Vizoso. The process of creation of the poster was captured in an emotional video that reflects the magic of the creative process of an artist of the entity of Vizoso. El proceso de creación del cartel fue recogido en un emotivo vídeo que refleja la magia del proceso creativo de un artista de la entidad de Vizoso.

In a second audiovisual piece, the Centenary brand was also shown. Based on the work of Vizoso’s poster, it was developed by the designer Javier Blasco into a specific brand whose starting point is the unique typography, recognised throughout Galicia, of Xosé Vizoso, which evokes our roots in the land, our values, our pride and tradition.

This typography is completed with a reinterpretation of the shield to evoke the number 100. The shield of RC Celta does not change, it will simply coexist during 2023 with this new brand created for the occasion.

The president of RC Celta, Carlos Mouriño, gave an emotional speech, which began by acknowledging that “I am moved and forgive me if I have a moment of weakness, but it fell to me as president to celebrate the centenary, an undeserved prize, a prize of great importance, of great pride, a prize of enormous satisfaction”.

“100 years of history, 100 years of life, 100 years of shared illusions, achieved, of unleashed passions, of restrained anger. 100 years of laughter and tears, of endearing hugs and endless arguments and anger. 100 years of historical legends, tales, anecdotes. 100 years of Vigoism spread all over the world. 100 years of feeling homesick, saudade in all the Galician emigrants scattered beyond our borders”, he added.

Mouriño highlighted that “to highlight and praise those 100 years of life we are gathered here today, with so many people who were important or symbolic in the history of the club” and indicated that “one more century that will begin with a great transformation of the sport and of Celta, that will begin, from the organization, the sport regularity, the economic solvency, the desire to do something great and dreamed by all of us”.

“Afouteza will continue being the guide of this new century, and around her, the fans, the celtistas, the city, supported by a great passion, a great illusion and also with a great demand, will ask to those who will succeed us that nobody is above the club and the respect for the name of the RC Celta, is the first of the laws of the celtismo”, he added.

The president of RC Celta pointed out, finally, that “today we make a very special mention without naming anyone to so many and so many celtistas who, throughout these 100 years, made, lived, loved so much to this Celta and who are no longer among us, for all of them, our gratitude and our respect in what would also be their centenary”.

The event ended with the performance of a Galician band very linked to Celta: A Roda.

Throughout the year there will be activities organised in 5 big blocks: Celtic, History, Culture, Social and, of course, Football. It will be a year to enjoy exhibitions, new experiences in Abanca Balaídos, talks, art, fan meetings, books, unique contents, historical matches, exceptional visits, concerts and… of course, a Centenary hymn.

The activities will begin in January 2023. It will be at that time when the Centenary brand will take centre stage and Celtic fans will be able to start enjoying a series of events that will take place over the coming months, with a special focus on the summer of 2023.